Developers Journal Entry 1

I wrestled with using the word developer in the title of my blog post, for the simple reason…well am i developer? i am starting, well this will be the start of me creating something, so maybe using that word it a little premature, or maybe i think too much about these things and nobody gives a shit.

So i will touch on this in my Monday podcast, but here a quick overview for the people who don’t get a chance to listen. Over the course of the coming weeks and months every Friday i will either talk about, post a picture, notes, game play or something that has to do with my creation of a new tabletop game. You will Watch me develop a tabletop game over time. You will watch me succeed or fail, so that’s the jest of it, with that being said let’s get straight into it.

I enjoy tabletop games, a lot. I enjoy small compact games that i can fit in my pocket or that are semi portable. As i love to throw back a beer while throwing some dice. What i enjoy more is playing games with my son. Seeing him learn on the fly while playing a game, asking questions about why something occurred or why it should occur. Seeing him develop new strategies each time we play the game and honestly i love teaching him.

A few months ago i took my son, when the streets and grass were not covered in snow, to fly a kite for the first time. He enjoyed that more than anything that i can remember, while watching him  i started to think about it, mechanically, the flying of the kite. What was needed to keep the kite in the air, what type of kite he was flying, the  length of tail and so on.

Fast forward to the warm nights spent inside and i thought to myself wouldn’t be great if we could maybe recapture some of that in a tabletop game. So that’s what i will attempt to do over the coming months. I hope to have it ready  for Boston FIG.

I work in bursts, i always have and most likely will continue to do that. I am at my best when i “Burst Work” ( can i trademark that??? )Below is a burst of ideas that i had in regards to the game, nothing final and can and most likely will change. Please enjoy and i will talk to you next Friday.

Go Fly a Kite!  (name tentative) 

  • 2 player game
  • Bad weather cards or different turn?
    • would you roll a die to change the weather pattern?
    • Gusts of wind
    • would the weather start out nice then progressively get more aggressive
  • Customize kites with bonus
    • longer tails (harder to control)
  • Maybe kids have bonuses
    • each player would get a kid as a “main character”
    • like a larger kid would be less effected by gust of wind
  • Goal fly to highest point in sky
    • or maybe fly the longest without your kite falling to the ground
  • Maybe tricks you can do
    • to earn extra points
  • 2 string kites
    • customize your kite in ways to have an advantage for the wind or weather




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