PLW Episode 32

On time this week! Score.




Developers Journal Entry 3

Post is late..theme of the week guys.

Lets talk about the characters you will be playing. They are not super fleshed out yet, but the overall each player will choose one character that they will want to use to fly there kite across the field (thinking about 8 total character). Said characters will be used through the game, so no switching up in the middle. They will have pros and cons of course, an example would be a “nerd” type kid that will enable you to add more objects to your kite, or maybe have them cost less to add, yet any small gust of wind would knock him over. Another example would be a “larger” type kid that would be able to withstand high gusts of wind, yet wouldn’t be able to run as quickly across the field.

Until next week, where I will show off the layout of the game.




Developers Journal Entry 2

So one of the ideas that I have been throwing around, is having a “field” that will be made up of  5 random cards taken from the field deck, in said deck would be cards along the lines of “plain field” just grass. This field would be for both players to navigate and will be located in the middle of the playing field (pun intended)  Then some cards would have in said deck would have obstacles on them, like small holes, rocks, weather (gust of wind), trash, a fence (to indicated that you can’t go any farther). In my mind the player would make their way across the field through their turn, “running” through the field and get there kite up to certain height, then the field would reset every other turn and players would gain height or loss height based on whether they can make their way through the field.

How do they get through the field? they will have cards in there hand to either, skip over certain cards or things like “kick the rock” cards ( maybe that card gets rid of the rock or maybe ‘kicks” it to the end), or cards like “Going Green” that would pick up all of the trash on the “field” ( cards like that would help both players) or maybe a “windbreaker” card, that would stop gusts of wind.(i really like that name of that card)

 Most of above, the names and their actions haven’t been fleshed out, just over the top of my head.