Episode 12 of PLW

This weeks episode contains the following topics:


Episode 10 of PLW

I made it to double digits! I may not be able to drink yet, but this show is just getting started. I have a special guest on this week to help me make my way through the following topics:


Episode 6 of PLW

A little under the weather this week, I do however attempt to talk about the following things:



Episode 5 of PLW

In this episode I talk about the following topics:


Episode 4 of PLW

Hope you enjoy this weeks podcast, following things were talked about or mentioned this week.

EDIT: Also it seems that I talked about Gotham Season 2 at the beginning of the podcast but didn’t really “talk about it”  don’t mind me, its just amateur hour.

Episode 3 of PLW

Welcome to episode 3 of Play.Listen.Watch. This is a long episode this week,  I touch on the following topics this week.

Also thanks to accelerated-ideas for the into music.