Episode 3 of PLW

Welcome to episode 3 of Play.Listen.Watch. This is a long episode this week,  I touch on the following topics this week.

Also thanks to accelerated-ideas for the into music.


Welcome Everyone,

Let me first start by saying that I am excited. This will be the go to place for all things Play Listen Watch. What is PLW? I’m glad you asked, it is a weekly podcast (Monday’s) where i will be talking about what I am playing, listening to and watching. However i encourage everyone to reach out to me, and tell me about all the things that i should be playing or watching or stop watching for that matter.

Also a brief introduction about me the guy you will be listening to. I am a 33 year old IT guy that hails from the state of CT, that finally got the motivation to put pen to pad…or  rather voice to microphone to talk about all the things I like and sometimes dislike.

So join me, every Monday to talk about all  the things  that i am PLW’ing. <–( I don’t really care for that word, but we are going to see if catches on)